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Founder, Animal Clinic Wildlife Rescue

Dr. Paul has been at the helm of Animal Clinic of Morris Plains for the past 30 years. In addition to his passion for treating companion animals, Dr.Paul has recognized that there is a need for veterinary care for wildlife. It's his appreciation for all creatures and their importance to the quality of life we enjoy in NJ that led him to open the doors of our seven doctor practice to meet the medical needs of injured, ill and orphaned wildlife. Often Animal Clinic of Morris Plains is the first stop on the way to rehabilitation and release. Animal Clinic WIldlife Rescue NJ  was established as a 501C3 in order to defray the cost of medical treatment which includes diagnostics, food, shelter and more at no charge. Below are a few of the wildlife success stories published on the  Animal Clinic of Morris Plains' blog. Animal Clinic Wildlife Rescue NJ is happy to provide medical support for wildlife in need.

Turtle ER at Animal Clinic of Morris Plains

Animal Clinic of Morris Plains (ACMP) is proud to be at the forefront of saving local, injured turtles and tortoises.    On June 10, 2013 Grace the turtle was struck by a car in front of the emergency room at St. Claire’s Hospital in Denville, New Jersey.  Since Grace is not human, treating her at the local ER was not an option.  Instead, Grace was rushed to ACMP by Animal Control to be seen by one of our veterinarians experienced with ttreating turtles. the   Dr. Paul Sedlacek examined Grace and found a crack in her shell along with some external bleeding.  An x-ray revealed a surprise- about 40 eggs were inside of her. Often turtles become injured or worse during mating season as they cross roadways to get to their nesting areas. ACMP glued Grace’s shell together with waterproof epoxy, which along with her shell’s own natural healing abilities, made her whole again.  Grace was allowed to rest for five days.  For three of those days, Grace was treated with betadine in order to sterilize the wound and antibiotics in order to prevent infection. Afterwards, Dr. Sedlacek felt that Grace was ready to be released back into the wild.  Hopefully, she and many of her offspring are now enjoying and contributing to our local eco-system. in 2016 ACMP treated close to 400  wildlife of different species. 2017 is tracking about the same.

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Just another day @ ACMP

Just Another Day @ ACMP    Paul Sedlacek | July 30, 2012 

  As many of you know, we treat wildlife at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains. We do this free of charge as a service to the community and to the wildlife itself. At any given time, there will be a number of animals in our wildlife ward. These animals are kept separate from the domestic pets as we do no want to wildlife to become accustomed or acclimated to the presence of dogs and cats which are a threat to their lives. After our medical treatment, these animals are either returned to the wild or transferred to wildlife rehabilitators for longer term treatment.  One current wildlife patient in our care is a female mallard duck. It presented unable to fly and with a lameness of one leg. The patient was sedated for x-rays and blood work. X-rays showed an old fracture of the left tibia which although stable had healed in a slightly abnormal position. In addition, there was a metallic foreign body present in the abdomen.  Due to this metallic object, a test was submitted for blood lead levels. The test came back showing very high levels of blood lead likely from ingestion of this object. We have begun chelation therapy which will involve a series of injections which will hopefully resolve the problem. We are hoping that the inability to fly is a result of the lead intoxication which may resolve once this problem is treated.

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